In his first ever wrestling interview, Austin Gunn, the son of Billy Gunn spoke with Chris Van Vliet about wanting to be a wrestler and more. Below are some highlights with a H/T to for the transcription.

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Dealing with the Billy & Chuck gimmick as a child:

“He kind of sat us down when that whole thing was getting really hot and he was like ‘Listen, your dad’s not really gay and this is a whole gimmick.’ But at school they’d be all like ‘Oh, your dad’s gay. Your dad’s kissing another dude.’ I’d be like ‘That’s not my dad. I have a mom. What do you mean?’ and I’d be trying to put the pieces together. I understood the business enough back then to know my dad wasn’t really gay. But I got a little heat for that.”

Wanting to be a wrestler:

“Growing up and just being around the business, I met The Rock and Stone Cold and it was all normal to me at the time. In school kids would be like ‘What, your dad’s a wrestler?’ and it was just like an everyday thing for me. Growing up I kind of got a better understanding of the business and kind of how it worked and I was like ‘Maybe I’ll be kind of good at this.’ My parents said I couldn’t do it until I went to college and graduated first and that’s understandable. I just graduated this past Mother’s Day and I’m ready to get into it.”

Will he use the ‘Gunn’ name?

“I have no idea because I’m not really in it yet. The ideas were flowing a little bit at first and obviously my father is Billy Gunn. I don’t know what my character is supposed to be yet because I’m not at that developmental stage yet in my wrestling career. Just to dip my feet in the water a little bit we had our first tag team match which was my first match just to kind of get into it and then I had a solo match and I had to go by something. So I was like my first name is Austin and I want people to know who I am at least just so they get an idea until I start taking that path.”

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Chris Van Vliet