Here are some highlights of what Big Show recently spoke about during an interview

Mark Henry: “He has really come into his own and stepped up his level of intensity. When you’re in the ring with him, you feel how powerful he is. I’m not embarrassed to say Mark is stronger than I am. “When I’m in the ring with someone who has a real potential to crush my spine, it increases my intensity level. Mark makes me push myself athletically.”

Dark Match Main Events at TV Tapings: “We do a great job putting out our TV product, but for fans in specific market areas, we like to give them something extra. It’s a reward for people for showing their support and coming out.”

His Career: “I’ve never been that kind of guy to talk about great matches or bad matches. What happened yesterday is what happened yesterday. I’ve worked with some of the biggest names in this business. And yeah, I’ve been around a long time and done a lot of cool things. But I just try to stay humble and keep working hard.”

“I enjoy what I do so much, but I don’t want to celebrate. If I keep my head down keep pushing, maybe nobody will notice I’ve been around so long.”

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