William La Jeunesse reports from the along the U.S. southern border in San Diego, California.

The Biden administration said it plans on reactivating a “temporary Influx Care Facility” in Carrizo Springs, Texas, to potentially accommodate up to 700 migrant children within the next two weeks.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services released a statement obtained by Fox News that said its Office of Refugee Resettlement division currently funds 13,200 licensed beds. Axios reported on Monday that President Biden has faced a crisis at the border with an influx of unaccompanied minors and strict health guidelines in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19.


The report pointed to how the Trump administration was “lambasted” for its use of similar temporary shelters in 2019. Both Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris vocally opposed the Trump administration’s immigration priorities during the presidential campaign.

The facility in Carrizo Springs has been unoccupied since late 2019.

“Initially, the Carrizo Springs ICF will accommodate approximately 700 children in hard-sided structures. Additional semi-permanent (soft-sided) capacity may be added if necessary, though ORR will always prioritize place children in hard-sided structures over semi-permanent structures,” the statement read.

The statement said that the wellbeing of the children are the top priority and is going to run the temporary Influx Care Facility “to the same or higher standards as state-licensed facilities.”

Biden on Tuesday signed a second spate of orders to undo his predecessor’s immigration policies. His orders on family separation, border security and legal immigration bring to nine the number of executive actions on immigration during his first two weeks in office.

“I’m not making new law. I’m eliminating bad policy,” he said during a signing ceremony.

Fox News’ Adam Shaw and the Associated Press contributed to this report