— Batista has openly expressed frustration with his push over the past several months and has seriously considered taking time off as a result. He is upset with WWE’s booking and feels that the company does not portray him as being in the top tier of performers. Some people backstage felt that Batista’s clean win over John Cena at SummerSlam was an attempt to pacify him. Despite that high-profile win, Batista remains unhappy.

— In an interview with Slam Wrestling, actor Mickey Rourke reveals that he was not initially interested in playing the lead character in Darren Arnofsky’s “The Wrestler.” Rourke says a meeting with WWE Hall of Famer Greg “The Hammer” Valentine is what led him to follow up on the role. Rourke tells Slam Wrestling, “Greg “The Hammer” Valentine was this big, big guy in, maybe his early 60s, but he was still all tanned, and with all this long blonde hair,” Rourke said. “He spoke about wrestling with such enthusiasm, and such pride.” He also commented on the lack of benefits available for the performers. “Absolutely, these (promotions) should be looked into. There’s no insurance, no pensions.”

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