– As we’ve been reporting, Shawn Michaels is expected to undergo knee surgery very soon. Michaels has been working through knee problems for almost a year as he has been considering surgery since this time last year. However, Michaels wanted to stay on for the reuniting of the DX storyline and after Triple H got hurt, he wanted to carry the load in a program with John Cena. To say Michaels is highly respected backstage is an understatement considering the fact that a lot of people would not have worked through the pain like he did. The word going around at last night’s PPV is that they will know a lot more about how bad Michaels’ knee is once they get in to do the surgery.

– Kane defeated William Regal is a dark match at last night’s Judgment Day pay-per-view.

– We’ve had a couple of reports from Comcast subscribers that had trouble ordering last night’s pay-per-view. Some stated that they did not get the event until 30 minutes in. There were also some problems with some Charter Cable customers in the Birmingham, Alabama market.

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