Reader Brian W reporting:

Just got home from RAW and read the TV report. Here’s is what happened at the arena:

HHH has the crossface on Orton. (This is the part where TV cut away from the show) After a few minutes, Orton gets his boot on the ropes and gets the break. HHH steps away and immediately reapplies the crossface. After a good 2 mins in the hold, Orton again gets to the ropes to force the break. After an exchange of punches, Orton comes off the ropes into a spinebuster. HHH is getting ready to finish him with the Pedigree when Regal comes to the ring and demands that the bell be sounded to end the match. Seeing as how he was disrespected by the fans, earlier, he won’t allow there to be an ending for the fans. They don’t “deserve” a finish. He then turns and leaves. HHH is confused, then gets pissed while the fans boo non-stop. HHH then grabs Orton and Pedigrees him anyway. After posing in the ring for a minute or 2, HHH leaves and we all left.

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