WWE NXT Champion Aleister Black recently spoke with Rock Sins, and below are some interview highlights.

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On how the crowd reacted to him on the recent WWE main roster overseas tour:

Very well. I was surprised because NXT is a brand that I won’t say is a niche brand but it’s definitely a brand that has a different set of followers to a lot of the main roster that the mainstream fans follow. It’s been good, we’ve been getting NXT chants, even during the matches they are with us every step of the way, so it’s been validation for how worldwide recognised as a brand NXT is and as a performer that people know me which is a very good thing for me.

On Aleister Black vs who he is in real life:

100% when I came up with the character of Aleister Black I didn’t really come up with one because Aleister Black is me. There is a lot in that character that resonates with how I grew up, how my life has been, how my patterns of thinking are. I think a lot of kids, especially people at these festivals, their outcasts, they are kids that have a hard time recognising themselves in this society and that’s why they in their own way rebel against their system because they want to stand out and be individuals, they don’t want to be put down or put into these boxes. For them, they feel like a sense of fighting for their own liberation and their own freedom and I think when they see the Aleister Black character they gravitate towards me because I carry all of that with me. I came up with that moniker ‘No man is ever truly good. No man is ever truly evil’ because you don’t have to agree with anything I do, the basis for what is right and what is wrong is for everyone to decide on their own, I think a lot of kids understand that so they go ‘Yeah, Aleister Black he’s my guy’ because I represent individualism to the point that I represent individualism for myself, you are going to get kids that are like ‘No, I can’t deal with him’ and then you get a bunch who get it and are like ‘He’s my guy’ and it’s all good. I think that is why the character translates so well into metal because that is the spirit of metal. The spirit of metal is individualism, the spirit of metal is you being you and just trying the hardest to be yourself without hurting anyone else.

On his NXT theme music:

I did not have a hand in picking my music, however, I did write some of the lyrics for my theme music. I was stoked when they got Brendan from Incendiary to do the vocals because Incendiary is a sick hardcore band, and I’ve been a big fan of them for a long time so for them do my vocals and collaborate with CFO$ it was a dream come true being able to write some of my own lyrics. It’s hugely important for me that my theme song resonates with my character because it’s the first thing they hear and it accompanies me to the ring so I want them to hear that, feel that, see that and come with me.

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