— Three TNA stars in Matt Morgan, Awesome Kong and Taylor Wilde were involved in an automobile accident on Friday night near the TNA hotel in Philadelphia, reports The Sun. Their SUV was rear-ended by a vehicle traveling at 40-50 MPH during a left turn. Morgan and Kong reportedly hit their heads on the windshield during the collision and were later checked out by medical personnel. All three individuals were okay enough to appear at last night’s Lockdown pay-per-view.

— UGO.com recently conducted an interview with TNA Knockout Sojournor Bolt. “Sojo” discusses what attracted her to the wrestling profession, what TNA offers that other promotions don’t, her love for cartoons, the most difficult part about working for TNA, and more. She is also asked about her favorite wrestler of all-time, to which she replies Molly Holly.

“While I know she’s still alive and not wrestling right now, she just was amazing in her ability to get in the ring with anybody and pull off a match,” Bolt said. “It always made sense and it always looked good. She’s always been the kind of wrestler I want to be. I’ll never forget her match with Christy Hemme. Christy was so new and it was still so good. Molly Holly’s just so awesome. I’ve met her a couple times and I’ve told her that match just sticks out in my head because Christy hadn’t been around that long and she pulled that match out of her!”

To read the full interview, click here.

— The TNA website has posted video of Lauren Brooke interviewing both fans and wrestlers at Saturday’s InterAction Fanfest in Philadelphia.

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